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What are Promotional Products?

Promotional products go by many names...

Giveaways, Swag, Tchotchke, and Advertising Specialties

Whatever name you know them by...they work!

88% remember who they got it from!


A word or two about promotional products...



While the first promotional products in the USA actually were used in George Washington's time, the novel marketing idea really took off in 1896 as part of McKinley's campaign.



The organizations that oversee membership of suppliers and distributors, annually survey how promotional products are used. In 2017, the industry grew to over $22 Billion in sales.



Technology items: bluetooth speakers, power banks, usb storage are all hot items for 2018. Lighted caps and hoodies connect the tech theme to wearables.


Proven Success

Compared to TV, print and online advertising, promotional products delivered higher recall rates of the company/brand, and/or the product/service.


How Can Promotional Products Benefit Your Organization?

1) Promotional products invoke a sense of brand loyalty.

Evidence from various studies suggests that giving a gift to your customer increases chances of your customer choosing you over your competitors by invoking a sense of brand loyalty. 

2) Promotional products help create customers passionate about your brand.

Your goal is brand recognition. Whether a brand is adventurous or creative, giveaways will help create fans committed to your product or cause.

3) Branded promotional products have many lives.

Although not possible to accurately track all types of promotional products, the ever-popular branded pen has been shown to have as many as 10-12 owners over it's lifetime. Few marketing options provide the same low cost per impression and return on investment.

Creating Brand Experiences that Last.

In our world where news cycles last three days, broadcast commercials may be only 10-15 seconds, and print advertising depends on the consumer landing on your page of advertising; where media "buys" are measured in thousands or millions of dollars, isn't it nice to know that the power of promotional product advertising lasts much longer and your investment is far less?

“58% of respondents keep a promotional product anywhere from one year to more than four years.

Source: PPAI Study: Effectiveness of Promotional Products As An Advertising Medium


Why Promotional Products Work

The Principle of Reciprocity...

... states that when a person gives, nothing is lost. It seems that there is embedded in our psyche a need to give something back, when we get something! That is one explanation as to why promotional products are such an effective advertising technique.

Promotional products make use of all the senses as they attract, engage, and compel consumers to buy. The more applicable the free item, the more the consumer will be likely to use it and then more potential customers will see it.