Growing your business is important and time consuming. Whether you are a one person business or a large corporation we understand your need for a specialist when it comes to effectively using promotional products.


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The Value of a Good Name

demo Logos are the most visible form of your company's brand identity. Integrity of brand recognition is essential. We offer a personalized approach to custom-imprinted products, providing one-on-one service you'd expect from a neighbor!




When choosing to buy promotional products for your business or organization, it is important to know that all distributors are not created equal. Our consultants are more than simple order takers. Our website is filled with ideas to assist you as we work together. Read more about our consulting services....

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Motivate Employees or Sales Force

Employee Appreciation
Employees and sales people thrive on recognition. Logo items reward achievement and strengthen company spirit. An appreciation program that motivates employees ends up costing the employer nothing!
Safety Programs
A well-managed safety program can save your company dollars that might otherwise be spent on insurance premiums or claims, while at the same time increasing productivity.
Corporate Casual or Formal Dress
Company logo-wear is in. We can offer you a wide variety of logo-wear, in many different styles, for casual Fridays, company outings, uniforms, or even options for more formal occasions.


Grow Your Business

Stimulate trade show traffic
Promotional products encourage trade show booth visits and say "remember me" once the visitors are back home or at the office. We'll show you how.
First contacts and new accounts
A sales force equipped with promotional items is more apt to open new doors that make new accounts and lead to building more business.
Name recognition
The old saying "out of sight, out of mind" is never more true than when it applies to a company's name. We have 750,000 ideas that will keep your name out front.
Community Partnerships
Every company needs to let the community know it cares. Attach your name to the local "walk for ...."; encourage a healthy lifestyle; educate the public about important subjects. We can help supply the appropriate items and attach your name to the event.
Everyone loves a party, an anniversary, or a landmark event. Give a gift to your employees and clients or customers commemorating important events.
New Branding Efforts
There's more to a name change than letterhead and business cards (although we can help with that too!). Make sure your customers know that although your name has changed, your image still reflects quality, service, value and all the other good things your old name stood for.


Stretch Your Advertising Dollar

Promotional advertising offer the best Return On Investment of all marketing venues. Check out the facts here with this short video.




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