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Travel and Hospitality

Choosing the right promotional items for your travel or hospitality business

Branded uniforms create a positive image for your business. Guests appreciate easily recognizing staff. Uniforms with logos reinforce your brand, and help create a team atmosphere among your employees. Tourists are eager to take home souvenirs. Here's a great opportunity for you have to have your guests become walking billboards for your business. From basic t-shirts to upscale outerwear, branded wearables are always popular in tourist destinations. Also keep in mind what guests may have forgotten to bring along. A branded umbrella or sunscreen with your logo may be just the item they need to purchase.



What's the purpose?

  • Provide a service to guests
  • Create a team spirit among employees
  • Increase cash flow from sales of branded items

Ad Quest Promotions can help map out a promotional marketing strategy that will elevate your brand and desitination.



Who's your audience?

To some extent, how you brand will depend upon the type of business that you have. Is it a resort or a restaurant? Are you marketing a destination or a single business? Is your primary purpose to encourage current guests to refer your business or to create a team atmosphere among employees.

  • Awards
  • Front Desk Items
  • Gifts
  • Housekeeping
  • n-Room
  • Key Cards
  • Meetings
  • Menus 
  • Promotional Marketing 
  • Stationery
  • Souvenirs 
  • Table Tents
  • Uniforms



Are you inside or outside the box?

If the status quo isn't bringing you the repeat or new business you'd like, maybe it's time to look outside the box. Here are three key areas that can impact your business and where Ad Quest Promotions can assist you.

    Loyality. Repeat customers can be the backbone of your business, even in a tourist destination. Recognizing them with even a small branded gift can go a long way to keeping their business.

    Innovation. Millenials are motivated by different things than older guests. Today's "Happy Hour" doesn't mean the same thing as it did 25 years ago.

    Recognition. Recognizing good employees (Employee of the week, etc.) is noticed by not only your other employees, but also your customers. Promote a positive work environment, customers will be happy and business owners will be the beneficiaries.

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